Nope Review 2022 (Review)

Nope is the new film from writer/director Jordan Peele, but you probably already knew that. Peele has joined the ranks of such luminary modern auteurs as M. Night Shyamalan and Christopher Nolan who’s mere name alone can sell tickets. This tradition can go down as far as Hitchcock where having a brand with a director’s […]

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Memoria 2021 (Review)

Memoria is the type of film that puts you in its unique wavelength almost immediately. There is a calmness to the film, and a slowness that becomes entrancing. We see it in the first moments, when we are introduced to a still frame of a bedroom. The camera holds on this, until a forboding sound […]

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Persuasion 2022 (Review)

Jane Austen is probably the one 19th century author who has persevered the most in our modern consciousness. It’s easy to see why, as her books remain as delightfully sophisticated, and uniquely contemporary to not just those who paid attention in their English classes. Her worlds often depict stories of class structure, and focus primarily […]

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