Favorite Films of the Year so far…


Since it’s the mid-year, a lot of people have been giving their best films of the year so far. So I figured I just put my list out there. Here they are in no particular ranking order.

Black Panther: The best super hero ever put out by the Marvel banner.

Unsane: Steven Sodebergh’s thriller filmed by an iphone 7 about a young woman trapped in an insane asylum with her stalker.

A Quiet Place: Horror/sci-fi of a family who must remain quiet to hide away from monsters with super sensitive hearing.

Isle of Dogs: Wes Anderson’s latest, a stop-motion wonder with the typical Anderson dry humor. Not as good as “Fantastic Mr. Fox” but the animation is a step up.

Won’t you be my Neighbor: Documentary about Mr. Rogers, is heartwarming, and surprisingly spiritual.

Hereditary: Disturbing horror film of a family with a dark past dealing with recent tragedies, until everything goes batshit crazy.

First Reformed: A pastor struggling with his own despair tries to find grace amidst a crumbling world.

Honorable Mention: Glow Season 2 episode 8 entitled “The Good Twin”: One of the funniest most inventive episodes of television I have ever seen.

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