The 400 Blows

Re-watching “The 400 Blows” again recently, I felt a connection with the young hero Antoine Doinel I hadn’t felt in the other times I had viewed it. I had always liked “The 400 Blows” well enough as Francois Truffaut’s semi-autobiographical ode to his youth, I could see what made it so revered as a film, […]

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The Mary Tyler Moore Show

  “Who can turn the world on with her smile?” So says the opening lyrics of one of the most famous theme songs to any television show. Why it’s Mary of course. You can go by her character name Mary Richards, a 30ish single woman living in Minneapolis working in a small, humble newsroom, or […]

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There is a pivotal scene in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” that comes about half way through the film. Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis) is sitting in a telegraph office, he is alone but for two telegraph dispatchers Homer and Sam played by Adam Driver and David Homer Bates. Lincoln is at a crossroads himself where he must […]

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Things I saw in October

Don’t Breath (2016):┬áSolid horror/thriller about a group of home invaders who invade the wrong home when they break into a blind man’s house, the only difference is this blind man is the type with a specific set of skills. If you’ve seen the trailer which gives away too much, you’ll know what to expect, however […]

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