His Girl Friday

I love pretty much everything there is about “His Girl Friday”, it’s one of those perfect comedies from Hollywood’s golden age, if you look at it now, it remains very modern, but it still keeps the cool elegance of 1940s screwball comedies. The film is a love story between two people who are evenly matched […]

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The Birth of a Nation

“The Birth of a Nation” can be seen as the original sin of cinema. Have we really come so so far? I’m writing this at a time when America has seen the rise of Donald Trump, a man who is very close to becoming the next President, and he’s done that by spewing hateful, racist […]

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What I Saw in August

A slight change in formula in my monthly posts of films I saw. I decided not to just stick with films, but I will also be adding television shows I may have watched over the month as well. I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that television and film have become closer in comparison more than […]

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