My Dinner with Andre

The other day I was looking over my finances which is never my favorite thing. I thought about when my next pay check was coming in, the bills I had to pay, the groceries I had to get, then the extra money I was saving for a trip, along with some other odds and ends […]

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So then came “Jaws” and suddenly everything changed. I’m not sure if that’s an actual quote by someone, but I figure it was said before, and probably said a lot after that first someone said it. If it has never been said, then let me be the first one to say it. The fact is, […]

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Hot and Bothered Blog-a-Thon

Hello all, some exciting news. I am participating in my very first blogathon put on by Cinemaven’s Essays from the Couch¬†and¬†Once Upon a Screen. The blogathon is centered on the films of 1932, a wonderful year in film and an important time of the Pre-code era! I’m super excited because the film I chose to […]

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Singin In the Rain

Few films come as lighthearted, and happy as “Singin in the Rain”. I forgot this, it had been so many years since I last saw the film, I took it for granted that it is just one of those movies that has the power to uplift your spirits, and let you rediscover the magic of […]

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